Love: The Fox


"First published in France in 2011 by Ankama Editions."

Publisher Marketing:
"Visually lavish and unforgettable." - Kirkus

"While the plot, such as it is, is engaging, the real star here is the luminous artwork, which features vivid, realistic animals in alarming peril. The astonishing destruction is both chaotic and gorgeous." -- Booklist

Second in the celebrated series of wildlife graphic novels, author Frederic Brremaud and illustrator Federico Bertolucci turn their lens on a northeastern woodland setting to follow a single fox through its daily journey through the trees and along the seafront. Only this is not just another day -- a spectacular volcanic eruption throws the area into chaos, sending creatures of all kinds scurrying for safety. But the intrepid little fox surprising decides to run into the danger instead of away! What could send this tiny hunter towards the danger?

This all-ages title will appeal to children and adults for its breathtaking illustration and gripping adventure drama.

Product Details


ISBN13: 9781942367062

Publisher: Magnetic Press

Publication Date: Nov-2015

Pages: 80

Lexile Level: 0000

Ages: 10 - 14