World of Reading: This Is Spiderman


"Based on the Marvel comic book series Spider-Man."

Publisher Marketing:
The This is line of Marvel's World of Reading early readers is designed to offer reluctant readers books they will want to read by featuring the origin stories of characters they love.
Peter Parker is an average teenager in Queens. He goes to school, lives with his Aunt May, and is a photographer for the The Daily Bugle newspaper. Until one day, a radioactive spider bites him on a field trip and gives him super powers! Peter now has all the powers of a spider--he can climb walls, shoot webs, has super-strength and his spider-sense warns him of danger!
Learn how Peter Parker puts his powers to good use and becomes the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man--a super hero.
Complete your Marvel World of Reading collection and get to know the origin stories for each of your favorite heroes!

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Product Details


ISBN13: 9781368071253

Publisher: Marvel Press

Publication Date: Sep-2021

Pages: 32

Lexile Level: 0390

Ages: 03 - 05