24 Game-Single Digit (Small Deck)


NEW! The math game you know and love, now in a 2.5'' x 3.5'' take-along size! Each pack contains 16 cards (32 combinations) from the iconic 24 Game Single Digits edition, and features 1 Dot, 2 Dot & 3 Dot challenges. Available in bundles of 10 or 30.Not all packs feature the same cards - collect and trade!HOW TO PLAY. Object of the game is to make 24. You can add, subtract, multiply and divide. Use all four numbers on a card, but use each only once. (Example: If your card contains numbers 1-2-3-4, a solution would be: 4x3=12 | 2x1=2 | 2x12=24) There is at least one solution to every card.

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