Cat on the Bus


Publisher Marketing:
Follow a stray cat as she braves the snowy city streets to find a home in this nearly-wordless picture book.

A calico cat with curious eyes cautiously approaches a grocery store. . . . only to be shooed away by the owner with a broom. She keeps wandering, and tries to climb on a city bus-- but the driver tells her to SCRAM!

Disheartened, the cat huddles down as snow begins to fall-- until another bus pulls up, and the driver welcomes her aboard. And when an old man sits down beside her, the cat makes a friend for life-- and finally finds the home she's been searching for.

A purr-fect pick for cat lovers, this heartwarming picture book features a simple text, heavy with onomatopoeia, and striking, bold illustrations that carry the story, depicting the charming cat's range of emotions.

See how a simple act of kindness can change lives forever. Young readers will empathize with the strong emotional content--hunger, loneliness, and rejection, giving way to contentment and joy--and delight in the expressive illustrations.

Product Details


ISBN13: 9780823440375

Publisher: Holiday House

Publication Date: Nov-2018

Pages: 32

Lexile Level: 0000

Ages: 03 - 06