In the Small, Small Pond


Denise Fleming's Caldecott Honor book gives young readers a frog's-eye view of life in a pond throughout the seasons. Full-color illustrations.

Publisher Marketing:
It's Springtime and a bright green frog leaps out of the tall, tall grass and lands in a small, small pond. Splash! Tadpoles and minnows scatter. Summer passes, turtles drowse in the sun and dragonflies hover in the air above. Fall arrives as ducks paddle by and the colors change. Finally, snow falls. The little frog burrows deep into the pond and waits for spring to come again.

Product Details


ISBN13: 9780805059830

Publisher: Henry Holt & Company

Publication Date: Oct-1998

Pages: 32

Lexile Level: 0000

Ages: 04 - 05