Little Genius Solar System


Meet Mercury, Venus, Earth, and the rest of the planets in this silly and informative introduction to the solar system for little learners with big imaginations.

Publisher Marketing:
With Little Genius books, curious kids can learn and laugh while being captivated by the world around them.

With super-simple concepts about the sun, planets, comets, and more, each spread features the wonderful illustrations of Mattia Cerato along with rhyming text that delights while it instructs. With the sun as your guide, meet Mercury, Venus, Earth, and the rest of the planet gang, as you travel further and further to the outer reaches of the solar system. Each planet has one funny identifying feature that will help kids remember a fascinating fact about it. For instance, Earth is wearing goggles. Why? Because it has lots and lots of water! Little Genius Solar System reads like a fun story, making it the perfect introduction to our night sky.

Product Details


ISBN13: 9781953344113

Publisher: Little Genius Books

Publication Date: May-2021

Pages: 24

Lexile Level: 0000

Ages: 03 - 05