Booklings is a monthly reading subscription kit designed for an enhanced literary experience for young children ages 3-7. Each kit includes a book, activity, and a parent guide. Families will appreciate the joys of reading great books and the pleasures of playing and spending time together.

  • Underscores the impact of great books, stories, and activities in the early years.
  • An easy, yet significant fundraiser.
  • Establishes a consistent and thoughtful connection between home and school.
  • Supports an ongoing reading and creative environment within the home.
  • Engages parents and nurtures healthy and happy family interactions.

Bookworm Central gives 15% of all Booklings subscription sales to support early literacy initiatives in the community.

Did you know?

“Children who were read to at least three times a week by a family member were almost twice as likely to score in the top 25% in reading compared to children who were read to less than 3 times a week.”