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A leveled-reading program, offering “just-right” curated titles for students who have shown promise and improvement during the previous school year. Participating students have the opportunity of selecting books of their own choosing to read, enjoy and learn from over the summer months.

  • Nurtures a partnership between school, parents and community to ensure learning is not lost over the summer and that reading becomes a year-round activity in the lives of our students.
  • School and students get the benefit of Bookworm Central’s research, expertise and experience in selecting appropriate level and quality books.
  • Timely intervention for elementary students susceptible to summer slide can provide them with a chance to enter middle school reading at grade level.
  • Engages parents to get involved and keep their children motivated about school and their studies.

Will result in saving money spent on remedial programs by encouraging students to become proactive readers and responsible learners. We work to maintain and improve student reading levels over the summer by offering the right mix of contemporary and classic books that match grade level/reading level requirements with student interests. Motivate children to cultivate a habit of reading beyond the school walls.

Did you know?

Students can lose up to 18 months of reading and math skills by 5th grade due to “summer slide”.