Super Game Book!: A Branches Special Edition (Press Start! #14)


Meanie King Viking kidnaps Super Rabbit Boy's animal friends, and it is up to Super Rabbit Boy to save them. Each page offers a number of options readers to make this story unfold.

Publisher Marketing:
It's YOUR turn to play the video game and defeat meanie King Viking in this choose-your-own-adventure-style special edition featuring full-color artwork on every page!

Press Start! is coming soon as an NBC Peacock original series!

Can Super Rabbit Boy rescue his kidnapped animal friends from meanie King Viking? It's up to YOU to try to save the day -- all you have to do is press start! In this 144-page, full-color special edition, each page presents the reader with a number of options for the next page turn. Readers will see their choices make the story unfold in fun and exciting ways! But be careful -- if the wrong choice is made, it might be game over! In this unique Press Start adventure, it's up to you to beat the game!

Product Details


ISBN13: 9781338828795

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

Publication Date: Dec-2023

Pages: 144

Lexile Level: 0510

Ages: 05 - 07