Fisher Boy: A Japanese Graphic Folktale


A fisher boy, Urashima Taro, rescues a turtle and as a reward, is guided underwater to the Dragon King's Palace, where he spends what he believes to be several days with a princess, but upon returning home, he discovers he has been gone for at least 100 years.

Publisher Marketing:
A popular Japanese folktale adapted into graphic novel format for young readers. In this Japanese folktale, a fisher boy, Urashima Taro, saves the life of a magical turtle. As a reward, the turtle guides the fisher boy to an enchanted underwater palace, where a young princess awaits him. But when the boy must return home to his family, he is greeted with the surprise of his lifetime. With clever text and easy-to-follow panels, books in the Discover Graphics: Global Folktales series are perfect for graphic novel fans new and old. Other Books in This Series: The King with a Horse's Ears: An Irish Graphic Folktale The Magic Tapestry: A Chinese Graphic Folktale The Magpie's Tail: A Swedish Graphic Folktale The Sky Fox: A Peruvian Graphic Folktale The Tortoise and the Hare: A West African Graphic Folktale Turtle and the Geese: An Indian Graphic Folktale

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ISBN13: 9781484689400

Publisher: Picture Window Books

Publication Date: Jan-2024

Pages: 32

Lexile Level: 0000

Ages: 05 - 07