Run, Mo, Run!


Mo and his friends will represent Class 2B in the relay race at the track meet after school, but Mo drops the baton every time they practice the handoff. Can Mo find a way to be the first one across the finish line?

Publisher Marketing:
Mo is the star of his school's track-and-field meet in the sixth title of the perenially popular, Geisel Award-winning series by David A. Adler!

Mo and his classmates from 2B will compete against the students from class 2M in a track-and-field meet and the winning team will get a surprise dessert! Mo, Jenna, and Dov will compete in the day's final event--the relay race--but first, Mo has to pass the baton without dropping it. He practices at lunch and during class, but the baton keeps slipping out of his hand. When the score is tied and the pressure is on, will Mo be able to win for his team?

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ISBN13: 9781984836830

Publisher: Penguin Young Readers Group

Publication Date: Mar-2022

Pages: 32

Lexile Level: 0000

Ages: 06 - 07