Fast-Pitch Feud


Now that twelve-year-old Anya is old enough to join her fourteen-year-old sister Marina on the fast-pitch softball team, things are becoming tense between them. Anya has trouble catching her sister's pitches and resents Marina's criticism and being moved to the outfield, and Marina is increasingly obsessed with her role as captain and angry because Anya does not seem to take the game as seriously as she does. With an important game coming up the sisters are going to have to work out their differences if their team is going to win.

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When they were younger, Anya and her big sister, Marina, were an unbeatable catcher and pitcher duo on their slow-pitch softball team. But now, as Anya gets ready to join Marina on the U14 fast-pitch squad, things are different. Anya can't stand her sister's know-it-all attitude and ignores every piece of advice. Meanwhile, Marina is frustrated because Anya doesn't seem to be taking the game seriously. Will the two sisters be able to put aside their fast-pitch feud and work together for the win?

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ISBN13: 9781666328578

Publisher: Stone Arch Books

Publication Date: Jan-2022

Pages: 72

Lexile Level: 0000

Ages: 08 - 12