Soccer Superstar


Thirteen-year-old Javier Moreno has just transferred to Howard Middle School, but his skill as a striker is already well known and the Bisons are expecting that he will turn their season around. But soon the fame goes to his head, and he starts hogging the ball and showing off--and it's up to his friend Aimee to remind him that soccer is a team sport.

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New-kid Javier Moreno makes a big splash on the soccer field when a video of his amazing goal goes viral. But now the fame is going to his head, and he's hogging the ball and showing off. Will Javi's solo act ruin the team's chances at making the state championship? Dynamic full-color comic artwork sets the stage for this exciting Jake Maddox Graphic Novel, a winning choice for any young reader.

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ISBN13: 9781496584571

Publisher: Stone Arch Books

Publication Date: Feb-2020

Pages: 72

Lexile Level: 0560

Ages: 08 - 12