First Woman Cherokee Chief: Wilma Pearl Mankiller


"The story of how Wilma Pearl Mankiller challenged gender norms introduced by settlers and become the first woman Cherokee Chief"--

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Find out all about Wilma Pearl Mankiller, the first woman Cherokee chief whose image will appear on a 2022 US quarter, in this Step 3 Biography Reader.

In 1985, Wilma Pearl Mankiller became the first woman Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation. She had to convince her people that the chief should be the best person for the job, man or woman.

Before the English came to what is now the United States, Cherokee women and men shared the leadership of the tribe. This created balance. But the English colonists told the Native People that men should be in charge.

It stayed that way for many years, until Wilma Pearl Mankiller made history. She used the concept of gaduji, of everyone helping each other, to make the Cherokee Nation strong.

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ISBN13: 9780593568507

Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers

Publication Date: Feb-2023

Pages: 48

Lexile Level: 0640

Ages: 05 - 08