Jake Maddox Girl Sports Series: Nothing but Net


Includes discussion questions and writing prompts.

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Layla loves playing basketball, especially with her best friend, Danika. Now, after spending most of the summer getting ready for tryouts, Layla is eager to move from substitute player to becoming one of the starting five. When tryouts finally arrive, Layla not only makes the main roster but she's also chosen to be the team captain. All of her friends and teammates are excited for her. All, that is, except Danika who is jealous of her friend's success. Layla soon discovers that being both team captain and best friends with Danika is no easy task. Can Layla be a good team captain and a good friend?

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ISBN13: 9781496599131

Publisher: Stone Arch Books

Publication Date: Aug-2020

Pages: 72

Lexile Level: 0490

Ages: 08 - 11