Jake Maddox Sports Series: Pick and Roll


Eighth-grader and starting point guard Roman is initially thrilled when big man Sebastian transfers schools and joins the team, but Sebastian's skills seem to have disappeared and the other kids are merciless in their criticism--then Roman's big sister gives him some advice: talk to Sebastian and find out what is going on, and add a pick-and-roll to the team playbook.

Publisher Marketing:
Roman is the point guard for the Bulldogs, and he's worried about his team and their startling lack of a center. But when big man Sebastian shows up, the Bulldogs are ecstatic . . . until they see that Sebastian's coordination hasn't caught up with his body yet. Can Roman and Bash work out a plan to catch the big man up to speed before the season run out?

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ISBN13: 9781496563200

Publisher: Stone Arch Books

Publication Date: Aug-2018

Pages: 72

Lexile Level: 0630

Ages: 08 - 11